The Boob Interview

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This is rather quite funny, Miss Jones, take a message please!!!



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Farming season is underway, so start protecting your much needed crops with a good ol fashioned scarecrow.

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New Car?

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Everyone knows that times are hard, so why not sell that old banger of yours and invest in one of these beauties!!!

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Its tough being a parent, so with that in mind, here are some handy tips to help you out.

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Susan Boyle – Rehearsal

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Susan Boyle does have an excellent voice, but I bet you have not seen the rehearsal video, check it here.

See Denise Richards – Funbags

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Sure, Denise Richards is hot but her Funbags are awesome too.
Check out Denises funbags in this video, I luv them.

Its all going wrong, Again!!!

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Since getting the car back from repair, I have started to notice that the reversing sensors did not appear to be working correctly, so I made a flyby visit to Lewis Saab of Chichester.

They kindly had a quick look and noticed that the rear parking sensors were not fixed to the bumper and infact, could by pushed through!!  Whilst check they also noticed that the bumper was not fixed correctly and appeared to come away from the boot area.  They have said it just does not look like it was repaired properly!!.

Saab are more than happy to look at it and fix it, but at my cost, no way.
It now looks like I have to go back to Highways Insurance and A E Ledger the repairers to try and get this resolved, the cars is on lease from Saab, so this has to be sorted correctly or we will be liable for any work Saab have to do.

This is turning in to a real pain in the rear bumper!!.