Insurance Claim

Today I have to name and shame Highways Insurance “the insurer of choice”.

Why?  For claiming liability on behalf of their policy holder and now dragging their heels in paying out the uninsured losses which they agreed to pay back to me.
A couple of months back, my family and I were driving home from a trip to work, when I was hit up the rear by a van, wasn’t really his fault, other than being too close , as some “Terry” decided to cut me up exiting a roundabout, causing an emergency stop and the accident naturally following.

Anyway, trips in abulances, hosiptal etc later, we get a letter from then claim full liability.Calls to them are pleasant, they really seem to want to help and agree to pay for loss of wifes earnings, replacement car seats, medications etc subject to receipts etc, however, things did not remain so smooth.

Their approved repairer was informed, I took the car in for evaluation and then a time was booked for repair.
I then liaised with the repairer and the car hire company to make the bookings.  As it was a non fault accident, I was given the option of car types, as its a works estate car, that’s what i chose, but on the day, was offered a standard Ford Focus or a Nissan Cash Cow [sic]. The Ford was way too small so took the Cow, well it was kind of different.

Dont get me wrong, I am no car snob, but a 1.6l petrol engine in a car that big was not pleasant, my route to and from work between Worthing and Petersfield is mainly contry roads and up and down hills, something this car struggled with, anyway back to the point.

It was expected to take a week to repair my car and so I was not too surprised on the delivary day when I did not get the call.  The repairers did call late the following day, when there was not enough time to get back from Worthing to sort it out, so I dropped the hire car off the following morning.

Well the car hire people had not been told, nor had the insurers that the repairs took longer.
As a result the car hire company charged me, for the overdue amount, despite the car being charged to the insurers account.  Umm not too happy.

Got the car back, all ok thankfully.

Quick call to insurer to tell them car repair was completed and to find out about claiming back my unisured losses.  Lets just say I felt like I wasn’t actually being listened too.  Well I complied to their request and on the 13th March, sent them a letter listing out the losses and provided copies of reciepts and supplementary evidence.
This was then all posted off Recorded delivery.
The claim was for a total of £424.51 which for us is a lot to pay out for in 1 month.  With that in mind plus they had agreed liability and to our costs, I gave them 10 working days to refund us.


~ by Simon on April 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Insurance Claim”

  1. Well, today 1st April I called them again.
    This time I was told I had phoned the wrong number and gone to the wrong department, the same number I called every other time. A new name “Daniel” and number was given which I called.

    “Daniel” was not in work today, so I spoke with “Darren”.
    I was kind of caught of guard when he asked “What Losses”, ermmm I already sent in the receipts as asked?
    So off he went to find the file.

    When he came back several minutes later, he could not find them and did not know where they were. Apparently they know that they have been received but they have been moved to another department but they don’t know where they are.

    So, I have been asked to call back Friday to see if they have arrived!!! great, what about my money??

  2. OK, so I called them back today and spoke to another Darren.
    Must have been lunch time as this guy must seemed to be eating whilst talking to me, how very rude 😉
    Anyway, despite explaining the situation again, it appears they mislaid the documents. After finally reading the notes, he was able to say that the documents had been transferred between teams on the 24th!!!!
    Off he scuttled to go look and then came back to me.
    Strangely changing conversation topics to if I had been contacted by personal injury solicitors. Explained that they were meant to have done that for me. So hes says to me to go and look on the internet for one as there are loads of free ones!!!!
    It seems that he has found my file, probably propping up a table leg and says he will pass it over to hi personal injury team today and someone should sort it out next week…….erm confused. Stayed tuned to till next week.

  3. A little disturbed by my conversation, I trot off to their website to find alternative numbers. 0871 222 1110, option 4 takes me through to Denise at Customer Care.
    Why is it that after going through the identification stage, I always get the “oh your the third party” ??
    Anyway, I explained the lost document, go find a personal injury solicitor, someone eating lunch whilst talking and she explained that she would refer it to the Branch Manager to look in to it.
    Unfortunately, is Friday so I would not get a reply until at least Monday lunch time and the manager was on holiday too so a Section Leader would then deal with it.

    I guess I am still left waiting to find out whats going on.
    New Slogan “Customers, we don’t care!!”

  4. Well, Monday lunch time has been and gone, and still no call back, which is a real surprise!!!

  5. Well, Tuesday been and gone and still no reply back from any Section Leaders. Did try calling them at 16:50, but the phone lines were unanswered.

  6. Still no call back, so I try them again and get to speak with Daniel Cracknell who has been assigned to my case.

    He had no idea what was going on to be honest. I explained what has happened so far and he asked me what the claim was for!!! OMG.
    It now looks like that because there is a personal injury claim involved, the file has been sent to the personal injury team and hence the file has now gotten lost. This is despite being told that the two parts of the claim would be treated seperately on previous occasions.
    So why the hell did they NOT make a copy of the claim and receipts so that one team handles the uninsured loss, the other the personnel injury claim???

    Daniel therfore cant do anything as there are proof so can i fax it over to him…..NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!! I am at work and files are at home, more delays and more costs to us.

  7. Being a little annoyed by this revelation, I call Denise at Customer Care who explains someone should have phoned by end of business on Monday, as the report was not filed until late Friday, umm, not what you told me on Friday!!
    Well its now Wednesday and I am having to chase again.

    She has confirmed that the file would have been sent to Personal Injury team and there are no excuses why the file has been lost and apologised.

    She would get a section leader to contact me by close of business today.

    Time to start looking into contacting the Ombudsman and consumer support organisations.

  8. Holly, Section Leader for Ipswich office, 01473 381704, called just now.
    Could not apologise enough for the confusion.
    I have been misinformed, they have not lost the paperwork, they do have it in the Leeds office and I should have been told this. I do not need to send any further information and they will be dealing with it.
    As such the Leeds office will phone me today to discuss completing the claim, I had to clarify that the personal injury side was not too much of a priority at the moment, but the reimbursement for the losses was the urgent factor.

    Holly then thanked me for highlighting the issues that I had experienced as it then shows that additional staff training is required and will be addressed.

    I await this call back then.

  9. I Got a call, I had a conversation, I got my cheque!!!!
    Yes, a new guy that’s assigned to my case has come up trumps, took the bull by the horns and got my cheque for the full £424.51 which arrived on Saturday.


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