Tiscali Sucks


Enough is Enough……..

Tiscali, an Internet Service Provider across UK and Europe, has pushed me too far and now I am going public. Why?

For over 12 months, they continued to bill me for internet services that had been cancelled.
Now that they have been found out, I have been battling for the last 3 months to try and get the money back and in the process have spent hours on the phone, sent emails, online enquiries, sent letters, carryied out their requests, been lied to, been misinformed and still wait for a refund.

So now I am going to tell the world about it and advise anyone considering to use Tiscali, DONT DO IT!!!

This is not the first issue I have had with Tiscali, their technical support is a complete rip off, you pay a premium rates for telephone calls a sub-standard support service, but I am not going into that here.
Whats This all About?

Well, I hate being ripped off and taken for a mug, period. Tiscali have managed to do that and continue to do so, YOU OWE ME NEARLY £250!!

Back in October 2007 instructions were sent to Tiscali to issue a MAC code so we could move our internet service to another provider.
This was basically due to a catalogue of mistakes and poor support from Technical Support, I have simple views, poor products, services or support I will take my business elsewhere.

Anyway, a MAC code was issued by Tiscali, I issued a request to cancel the account and instructed the bank to cancel the direct debit.
Simple, all so simple……….we are now happy SKY customers.
Jump Forward to November 2008.

I get a letter from Tiscali stating my account was on hold as they had not received the direct debit payment.
Confusion sets in…….my account….on hold……what account??????

Well you see, the months before, we had changed our home banking account to another company as the company we were with were on the verge of going bust. This is when I find that our previous bank had not cancelled the direct debit, thank you so much!!!
As the bank account was no longer live Tiscali could not get payment and so sent us a friendly reminder if we did not pay the princley sum of £17.99 they would pass the account to their Special Accounts Department. Not sure what makes them so special.
The Fun Begins

So the first of many calls are made to try and get to the bottom of this. Tiscali quote some import dates and I dig a little further :

* 11th October 2007, I request a MAC code from Tiscali.
* 15th October 2007, Tiscali issue the MAC code.
* 1st Week November 2007, Go Live, with Sky.
* 20th November 2008, Tiscali issue Outstandling Balance Amount £17.99
* 3rd December 2008, Tiscali inform me that my account had now been cancelled.

Luckily, I speak to a helpful person who understands my situation and proceeds to assist.
They would escalate the issue so that they can investigate why the account had not been canceled and start proceedings to issue a refund. Simply call back on the 5th of December 2008 to see if the cheque had been posted.

Plain and simple………
Try Again

I give Tiscali a call on the 10th of December, to see if my cheque had been mailed out………wait for it………..no!!
The refund has been requested, but will take a couple more weeks and so I should call after Christmas, great!!
I explain my frustrations etc, but seems to fall on broken English ears.
New Year, New Start

Still no sign of my cheque, so another little push and a bloody great big shove back in return.
This is where things really start to fall apart.
You see, Tiscali do not think it right that internal departments speak to one another or explain sub department procedures to each other.
All the time “Billing” have been telling me YES to a refund, that should be a MAYBE!! The Finance Department have not had their say yet…

As Finance issues the cheques, they are obviously quite reluctant to just give money away willy nilly.
They have said NO to the request, as they have not received all the documents and can not verify that I have not been a customer.
Not only have they said NO, but they have not told anyone, not even Billing as its not their policy. They think it is better that the “customer” should chase. Despite this whole formal request going through, it suddenly stops and falls into a big hole, this is perfectly normal apparently.

OK, now that have rattled me and I am not a happy bunny, especially now that the agent is no longer in a poisition to support me

Que the ” I want to speak to a manager “, ” you cant they are all in a meeting ” crap.

I do, finally, get my way, but in the process have my eyes opened to a few things that should have, but were not explained to me, such as Billing already knew about Finances investigation policy and their need for additional information that they could have obtained/requested right at the beginning!!!
Finance need either a letter from Sky confirming my Go Live date, or a copy of my first Sky bill, why did they not ask sooner!!!

Tiscali also argues that Sky did not send Tiscali confirmation that we had successfully moved over to them and so had no proof that I no longer use their services. Right or Wrong, I have no control over that, but I am no techno idiot…….so I suggest that they speak to clever IT people and check when the last time I logged on, when my account was last issued an IP address to connect to their network. Too many technical words obviously confuse customer services operators and scares them.

So, after much arguing over the way Tiscali operate, have treated me, are not doing enough, I agree to get them the Go Live date.
The next bit that through me was this guys closing statement stating that the call had been recorded as evidence for the case, it would kind of been curtious to have been informed when he first joined the conversation, hey ho.
Sky Rule

I phone Sky, tell them my predicament and they agree to send out a letter, within days, the letter arrives.
On the 17th February 2009, it is promptly scanned, copied, posted, faxed and submitted on Tiscalis online contact form.
On the 20th February 2009, Tiscali kindly email me to inform me they had received my inquiry and the requested documents and would proceed to pass this information to the Billing department?? Umm the department that does not have the final say so, it should have gone to Finance.
Tiscali Suck

I have given them a month to tie every thing up, so image my disgust when I call them up on the 17th March 2009 and then be told that I need to send in a Go Live date AND a copy of my 1st bill. I ask the advisor to read the notes on the system to get an understanding and also go ahead and quotes names, positions, dates and content of emails that contradict what he is saying too me. I was never asked to supply two bits of information and that I had already supplied what I was asked.

At this stage, I am rather frustrated and even tell the guy that his constant replies of “but” shows that he is no longer able to assist and that he his contradicting things that even the previous manager had said.
I asked him to go and read the notes again, find the recording of the conversations with the manager, so that he could verify I was not making this up.
Strangely, something I have never come across before, he said “as you think I incapable of helping you, I will get a manager.” Uh Oh!!!
Chocolate Teapot

What did this manager actually do for me?? Tip me over the edge!!!!

Surprisingly, he found the Go Live letter.
He said there had been a policy change and now Tiscali always needs a Go Live and 1st Bil, but as my issue was reported before this was implemented, it did not apply. So why the hell did the previous guy not know/tell me any of this??
Why has it taken another month and still no resolve…..I tell you why…. they have to check every single invoice to calculate how much is due to be refunded…….WHAT!!!

Call me naive but they have a letter stating my Go Live date, so the refund amount due is from that date until now, less the overdue amount.
Now its not something I go for, but I have no choice but to also request compensation for my time and the cost of the calls. You see, on average, calls to Tiscali take many minutes to get answered and on average, I spend over 30 minutes per call at 10p per minute.
Hopefully the Finance people might be clever enough to do some calculations into what that costs, if they ask nicely I will even supply my phone bills as evidence.

Anyway, its now go to the stage where things are not getting done in a timely fashion.
I have given them the benefit of doubt too many times and now I feel like I am being taken for a ride.
Now is the time to start cataloging everything associated with this case.

This blog will be posted on the internet and distributed amongst suitable forums to highlight how bad Tiscalis actions and service really are.
Future posts will correctly logged for times, dates, names etc.

If at any stage Tiscali wishes to contact me, then you have my details. Alterantively just send me a cheque for £250 and we will call it quits.


~ by Simon on March 31, 2009.

11 Responses to “Tiscali Sucks”

  1. OK, so now I start to look a little more into this and I am NOT alone in this.

    A quick look on Facebook and I join a few groups of other Tiscali Fans:

  2. OK, right now as I speak, i am on the phone to Tiscalis High Level Complaints: 01438 488423

    This goes against my principles, but I am going to start publishing names.

    I dialed, it rang twice and answered by Joleen, that was a surprise!!
    After briefly explaining my problem, she checked the account and confirmed that a refund had been requested by Billing and it was now waiting for Head Office Approval. As she was now involved she would follow this up and get back to me, so we shall see.

    Anyway, things soon changed when she mentioned the amount of money being offered as a refund. The original quotes of £250 have now dropped to £190.09.

    Apparently, the original claim was for £226.79, less an outstanding balance of £36.70.
    Umm outstanding balance of £36.70, I paid £17.99 per month so that works out that I would be 2.04 months in arrears???

    My eyes were further opened into what a bunch of lazy liars Tiscali operators are too.
    Not only do the amounts quoted for refund don’t match, but they strung me along by not requesting the GoLive letter which should have been asked of back in November. It also looks like the manager has lied about giving compensation for all calls and time as “its against company policy” and so much for him telling me the call had been recorded, as they dont know when it is being done……..

    I shall be going through previous posts and adding in the employee names.

    Oh yeah, it appears that they have no got their fingers out and checked their logs and have confirmed that I never accessed the account during the time they said I was a customer.
    If only they had done that sooner.

    Anyway, its down to Joleen to chase up, you better come up with the goods.!!

  3. I now have some email addresses too:

    UK CEO: mary.turner@uk.tiscali.com
    Head of PR: jody.haskayne@uk.tiscali.com, here work mobile has also been provided, 07x1x 7x64x3 which I wont disclose just yet.

    So I have sent them the following email.

    Dear All,

    Your email has been given to me due to the extremly bad service recieved from Tiscali, despite not being a customer for almost 18months.

    My account was never properly closed, Tiscali continued billing me for over a year and it wasnt until they “closed” my account due to an outstanding balance did i start to find out whats going on.

    After nearly 4months of chasing Tiscali for my refund, I still feel no where near to getting this resolved.

    This has forced me to highlight my plight on my website: http://theledlightingcompany.co.uk/news/led-news/tiscali-sucks.html

    I have since started a seperate blog to keep track of things, please see: http://theledlightingcompany.co.uk/Simon/tiscali-sucks
    You will also start to see that I am promoting my issue on various “friends” of Tiscali on Facebook.
    The next step will be to contact national papers and trade/consumer publications, but I hope this does not have to happen.

    All I am looking for is the full refund of all the money that was paid to Tiscali during the time that I was not a customer, plus compensating for all the uneccessary time and cost of calls to keep chasing Tiscali to get this resolved. I should not be paying 10p a minute to fight to get my refund.

    I am quite happy to discuss this in person with you and you can contact me on the numbers below:

    Work: 01xx xxxxxx (between 8.30am to 5.30pm)
    Mobile: 079xx xxxxxx (anytime)
    Home: 01xxx xxxxxx (after 7pm)

    Look forward to your reply.


  4. […] Tiscali Sucks | Simon Wells […]

  5. Typically, I missed a call from Tiscali but did get an email follow up at 17:10 from Nicolas Piere, High Level Complaints Executive.

    Telephone numbers and email will be held private for the time being.

    I tried calling at 15:15 but it went straight to voice mail. A message was recorded asking him to call back tomorrow and my telephone number was left with him.

    Lets wait and see.

  6. Well, still no response from Tiscali.
    Even Nicolas Piere, High Level Complaints Executive failed to respond to my voicemail.
    I wonder if there is a High, High Level Complaints Executive.??

  7. HOORAY!!!!
    I got a call from Nicolas Piere……..hes reveiwed my account, cleared the outstanding balance, closed the account and will be sending my refund either by cheque or direct bank transfer!!!!


    Unfortunately, it does appear that the other idiots that I have spoken to in the past at Tiscali, are still a bunch of liars.
    I cant believe Joleen at High Level Complaints as got the wrong information about the quantity, she said a refund of £190.09 was coming, Nicolas confirmed it was £179.99, actually 10 months charges of £17.99.

    There is apparently no way that they can check my account to work out how many times or how long I have been in contact with Tiscali to be able to get compensation for telephone calls, but he did agree that if I sent in statements, they would cover them.
    Time to login to get my telephone bills.

  8. Thats brilliant news Simon, good to hear that Tiscali are actually doing something about this awful situation!

  9. Thanks Jamie, I am still waiting for them to let me know if the are mailing the cheque or doing a bank transfer, no sign of it yet.

    I have gotten all my phone statements in order now and will be sending them on Monday.
    So far, costs amount to over £15!!!! and over 2 hours on calls alone, not taking into account the additional time to get the data they want, writing emails and trying to find contacts.
    Oh, i guess I should also include the costs to call Sky to request the GoLive letter, plus sthe cost of postage, when will it ever end.

    Fingers crossed 😉

  10. Nicolas Piere has just phoned and agreed that Tiscali will send out a cheque for £179.90 within the next 10 days!!!!
    I also let him know I now have the telephone records and will get those over to him too.

    Lets so if they can actually get this right now.

  11. At last, I have finally received my cheque from them, about time too!!

    I can not stress strongly enough, avoid using Tiscali at any length, they just don’t give a monkeys about their customers and only want your money.

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