Were you a user or registered artist at

If so, you are probably mourning the lost of a much loved and respected site for DJ’s and their fans.

Discussions are taking place to perhaps find a new owner or backer to get the site back up and running and drive it forward.
Would you carry on using this service if it wee relaunched from where it left off?
If so, post a comment.

~ by Simon on March 30, 2009.

16 Responses to “Save”

  1. Yes I would. It needs a much tighter financial model though, and the functions of the website need to work properly such as the facebook embedding.

    Also the rating system needs to be opened up so anyone can post ratings and leave comments; having to register is a waste of time.



  2. If you can find a way to get it back up, by all means do it! Most of us know that Musicv2 offered a lot for a little, and it was worth it, I can support charging a little more for membership, even raising the lifetime membership rates, because as I said “it was worth it” I’ve been looking around, since I found out today V2 was down, for another service, haven’t found anything close to it yet. Meaning options, server space, page layout, community interaction, etc. Chris built something unique and functional and stylish, and should definitely be considered a “blueprint” for any sites coming after. with respects to what DJ Merlin stated, yeah there were some issues with certain things, but the overall essense of the site clearly outweigh them.

  3. Despite attempts to contact Chris, my mails are now being bounced by his mail server, this does not look good.

  4. yes i like to see go up again as long as it’s not to expensive as in fees like $20-30 per year

  5. Musicv2 was a great service. I would gladly pay more to keep it!

  6. We have been in discussion with the current owners of and are aware of the reasons why the site closed suddenly. At this stage, please do not ask why as we cannot give out that information.

    A takeover of the site with a view to it going LIVE again, exactly the same as before it shutdown is the current desire and what is being negotiated.

    Future site enhancements will also be rolled out and in the long term a new site will be developed.

    Thanks for your comments, and watch this space for more news.

  7. Brilliant site! Worth saving for sure!!!

  8. I have been with from the beginning back in 2003, ever since I started djing and producing music. Since then, I have added all my tracks to musicv2 and would be thrilled if the site came back online. I’m willing to pay $20 a year for this service. I paid $15 for a lifetime membership.

    Another Note. Where will my friends go if they wanted to listen to my music? Myspace?? no way! Musicv2 all the way!!

  9. yes !!! I would use it, and pay a yearly fee, no probs !
    I am the guy that sort of left a very harsh reaction on the djinternationl forum, but I’m really stunned about the dishonesty from chris .. Not telling us, the members, about the problems, or storm that was going on …..I was the one with 3000 record sleeves printed with a small ref to the site .. free downloads for all … and yes I had faith in the site, but did not botter too much after he came up with the donation buttons etc, for which, again, after asking for donations himself to implement changes, he wanted money for activating the donation buttons … nooo way josee … that was it for me … he kept promising changes, and when he changed things, it was downsizing the file limit from 200 to 125 mb !!! thanx dude ! nice if your goal is to upload 60 -90 minutes of 320 kbps liveset recordings, that you need to classify as mixset …. which it isnt ..
    and yes I am pissed off, and yes I can keep; personal from business, I was speaking about the way he handl;es his business he lost his credibilty for me, also by not replying to my mails, and no, I cant get to my files right now …
    offcourse I wish him well … but he needs to understand I am hurting here cause of the loss, no doubt he is too !
    I know it was his dream, and that he worked hard, but the finish was soooo nasty …. and I dont like that !
    simple ….

  10. Yes…I would def be down. V2 was so easy to use and great for promotion. If anyone could save it…that would be amazing.

  11. I’d love this to come back up, I didn’t use it much for my own stuff, but was planning to use it more in the future, but I absolutely loved it for finding whatever music I was in the mood for, it was a great site! I hope somehow it could come back up, and I’d be willing to pay a yearly membership too instead of a once-in-a-lifetime fee.

  12. I would be more than happy to continue using it if it got a new backer for sure..

  13. wow. FAIL of the highest order.

  14. PLEASE bring it back. I would help donate to relaunch the site. It was great and I have no complaints.


  15. Due to factors outside of our control, we will no longer be seeking to purchase ownership of MusicV2. Its a great shame to loose out on the opportunity and a real shame that its existing customer base will be lost but an even greater shame that some excellent mixes will be lost too.

    We are still considering releasing a new music mixing community, so stay tuned.

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